Step 2 of Custom Website Redesign – The Design Mock Up


December 19, 2011

By: Drew Meyers

Posted in: Website Creation Process

Step 2 of a custom website redesign (or brand new design) is for a graphic designer to turn the wireframe into a finished design file that looks exactly like the finished site. Since my good friend Brandon Matson at BizGarden redesigned my site for me, we spent considerable time over the past few days going back and forth on design aspects of various components of the new site. In terms of a normal client experience, the usual process is to be sent the first design mock up, then get a chance to voice your feedback as to what (if any) changes need to be made. Then the project manager on the site will work with the graphic designer to incorporate those changes into the next reviewable version. This process repeats itself until the design is 100% approved by the client.

Below is the final design mock up created for my personal blog.

There will be a few minor tweaks between this design file and the finished site, but it’s getting really close. The last major step? Turning a .PNG or .PSD image file into code. That is taking place right now for my blog.



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