Step 1 of Custom Website Redesign – The Wireframe


December 15, 2011

By: Drew Meyers

Posted in: Website Creation Process

I’m currently doing a site redesign for my personal blog, and thought I’d detail the process here. The first step to creating a custom site (or doing a site redesign) is to think through the goals of a particular site and create a wireframe for a designer to work from.

In the case of my personal blog, I have a few goals to achieve.


  1. Those that know me certainly know I’m a bit of a travel addict. I want to highlight my travel blog, Oh Hey World.
  2. I have extensive experience with online marketing and building WordPress websites (with Virtual Results). This site, ESM Exec Designs, is the brand I’ll be doing all my custom work under going forward. My friends’ company, BizGarden, offers great predesigned sites at a lower price point.
  3. I’m a huge advocate for sustainable change and microfinance, and want to highlight
  4. Highlight Geek Estate Blog to demonstrate I am knowledgeable about real estate technology.
  5. I like the beach (your feedback is welcome as to what image you like the best)
  6. Demonstrate other interests I have – Virtual Results, Zillow, and a new website in process.
  7. I have a wide variety of interests..and am a real person. Not some faceless entity.

Desired User Actions:

  1. Contract ESM Exec Designs to oversee the design and development of custom WordPress websites.
  2. Encourage people to read my travel content from Oh Hey World, and click over to that website to read more.
  3. Use if you are looking for a quality website, but don’t have budget for a full custom.

Here is the wireframe I created (using Balsamiq) for the first design iteration.

The next step in the process will be a rough mock up of exactly what the finished site will look like.


About the Author

Drew is founder of ESM Exec Designs and is a travel addict running Oh Hey World. In his free time, Drew enjoys reading, traveling the world, spending time with passionate people, and is active member of the microfinance community.